Quick Facts

  • 148 Units
  • Section 8
  • Two, Three & Four-Bedroom Units
  • 100% HAP Family


There was a multitude of factors that made Greystone Apartments a complicated transaction. Greystone Apartments is a 148-unit, 100% HAP Family project that had been previously marketed before by our competitors unsuccessfully. The best challenge was the type of HAP contract and the secondary location of the asset; the property was also over-leveraged and had a limited distribution and deferred maintenance.


With these goals in mind, the Affordable Housing Group crafted a marketing campaign targeting with our state-of-the-art technology that specifically focused on identifying the highest probability buyer based on several factors, including our team’s knowledge of buyers’ needs and investment returns. Our specialization with our resources is bringing multiple buyers to the offering and producing a competitive marketplace to drive the value.


The Affordable Housing Group offered the client expanded access to the more qualified group of investors/developers. AHG was engaged to navigate the complexities of the deal and structure a sale that would result in a proper preservation of the affordability for current and future residents while understanding that we had to target a specific buyer pool. We were able to make targeted calls to buyers who had a proven track record of successfully closing similar transactions through out years of cultivated relationships in the affordable housing market.


The Affordable Housing Group was able to identify the group that successfully closed on the project with the least amount of contingencies and the quickest timeframe. Our group was also able to bring a buyer to the table who could make a competitive offer designed to meet the sellers’ goals.