SPECIALIZING in Affordable Housing Sales NATIONWIDE.


We solely focus on Affordable Housing sales and re-capitalizations, safeguarding rental assistance for current and future generations.


We specialize in maximizing property values in affordable housing projects under the Section 8 program. With our extensive knowledge of current HUD and state regulatory laws and programs, we ensure strict compliance while leveraging available benefits for our clients.


We monitor affordable housing transactions nationwide in real time, offering valuable data to enhance business strategies.

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Your Goals Become Ours

At our core, we strive to empower our clients to generate and safeguard their financial prosperity through our cost-effective investment sales and advisory services. With a national presence and a bespoke, client-focused methodology, we possess the expertise and resources necessary to optimize value and achieve your objectives. Furthermore, we offer guidance on the recapitalization and disposal of affordable housing, providing a comprehensive solution to your financial needs.

The Leadership Team

Whether implementing a strategic marketing process, compiling a comprehensive Asset Valuation, or providing timely market information, every assignment is served by a team of specialized professionals.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Lincoln Park Plaza | Chicago, IL

“We were thoroughly impressed by the Affordable Housing Group’s exceptional knowledge and their unparalleled attention to detail, which proved invaluable in guiding our organization through this complex transaction and market transition. Their expertise and dedication resulted in their delivering not only the desired price but also a level of service that exceeded our organization’s expectations. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to others seeking similar assistance, as their outstanding performance truly set them apart.”

~ Seller Representative | BJB Partners, LLC

Norman Towers | East Orange , NJ

“The Affordable Housing Group represented us to market and provide a viable purchaser for Norman Towers. Since the marketing of the project, your team was there next to the Seller the whole way. Most commercial brokers disappear after the PSA is signed; your team was there every step of the way, setting up communications and making the transaction as seamless and smooth as it was. John and Jesse should be a standard for all commercial brokers in the industry. Their wealth of knowledge and active involvement in the transaction after the signing of  the PSA was key, and the reason we were able to close two weeks early.  I commend them for their efforts and highly recommend the team.” 

~ John Cicchino  |  Seller  |  Squiretown Properties

Methodist Towers | Erie, PA

The Affordable Housing Group was able to use all its resources and experience to deliver on our board’s wish list. We aimed to preserve the affordability of the partial (58) low-income housing and fully rehabilitate the tower. Previous to us gaining their insight, we had applied for 9% with PHFA with other developers, whereas AHG advised that the best path was a 4% preservation rehab with PHFA. The team’s commitment to Methodist Towers prevented a result of potential sales to a For-Profit investor and residents’ rents from increasing with no rehab. Their guidance allowed for the conversion from partial HAP property to 100% (136) affordable housing units. They helped advise on a very creative solution for our nonprofit board to have the ability to purchase the tower back after 15 years for $1 plus any debt and taxes remaining. This resulted in a successful marketing campaign where other brokers failed to deliver on our goals.
I would recommend AHG’s insight for future transactions as the outcome of our sale exceeded our expectations.

~ Jim Reim  | Seller 

Presbyterian Senior Portfolio | Western, PA

“Working with the Affordable Housing Group was a great experience;  they had excellent follow up and kept us in the loop during every step of  the listing, marketing, and escrow process. As a board, we felt confident  that the team listened to our needs and had a thorough understanding not just of the financial issues, but also of our primary goals. Overall,  the marketing and transaction was very well done and the outcome of  the sale exceeded our expectations.”

~Jim Pieffer  | Seller President  | Presbyterian Senior Care

Miracle Terrace | Anaheim, CA

“From the beginning, we knew that selling Miracle Terrace would be
tricky due to a multitude of factors that included working with the city, state regulations, and the local housing authority. Having effectively completed  a number of transactions with John and his team in the past, we knew that he had the skills and ingenuity to maneuver through the complexities of this sale and close successfully. Through the team’s customized marketing plan, John identified the optimal buyer that would be able to navigate the political atmosphere and ensure that the goals of the city and HUD were met, as well as our own. John applied his extensive knowledge of the process which was integral in getting us to the finish line and ultimately completing the transaction in a way that was favorable for all parties involved.”

~ Greg Worchell  | Founding Partner  | Clear Capital, LLC

Spokane HUD Portfolio | Spokane, WA

Our group hired John Nguyen and his team to list two properties for sale. They advertised the portfolio, provided offers from qualified buyers, provided a comparison sheet differentiating top proposals, suggested an excellent attorney, and facilitated the sales process with the buyer, HUD, and attorney. The whole process worked out quite well. John and his team were top notch. From the beginning, John laid out a plan, explained the process, and told us what the final result would be. The process and the final result were pretty much as John outlined. John continually demonstrated considerable expertise in the area of HUD sales and financing. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to contact John, either by phone or e-mail. John usually answered his phone; if he couldn’t, a call back came quickly. Same with e-mail. Overall, it was really a pleasure working with John and his team. They let you know what to expect and they deliver on those expectations. They get the results you want.”  

~ Chuck Kieffer | President  | Central Terrace

Northgate terrace | Oakland, CA

The Affordable Housing Group is a great company with a talented transaction team. With a little creativity, we successfully navigated the acquisition/preservation process and we look forward to working with them again on the next deal. John Nguyen and the entire team are very knowledgeable about all aspects of the affordable housing industry and provide real value to their clients.”

~ Anand Kannan | President  | Community Preservation Partners

Illinois affordable portfolio | illinois state

“The Yost Development Family was incredibly pleased with the meticulous detail in marketing our affordable housing portfolio in downstate Illinois.  Affordable Housing Group is outstanding and would highly recommend working with their phenomenal team.”

~ Jeremy Yost | Seller | Yost Management Services

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